Confused about Pension Flexibility?

Our squirrel is confused about the new choices he will have when he retires. Luckily for him, the Almary Green Wise Owl is there to help.

The Almary Green Wise Owl can help you

Pension flexibility – the new ways for retirees to access their pension savings – is upon us…

Our team of advisers will give you individual advice on the options that are available to you, but to get an introduction into the issues involved, please watch our simple story about the Squirrel and the Wise Owl.

Remember, guidance is available through the Government’s ‘Pension Wise’ service: face-to-face guidance will be provided through local Citizens Advice Bureaux and a telephone based service is also available. For more details please see This guidance will be free of charge. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this will not be individually tailored advice.

You can get advice specific to your circumstances through one of our advisers. Please note however that due to the complexity of the new rules we will charge a fee for the advice.

To see more information on how the pension changes are impacting advisers, providers and clients since their introduction on 6th April please click here. (This link takes you to the Scottish Widows website - please note that Almary Green has no control over the content of other companies and their websites and this link is provided as a further source of information only).

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