Employee Protection

Protection plans for your employees bring many benefits both to you and to your staff:

  • They enhance your employment package, allowing you to attract the right recruits

  • They add value to your employees’ overall remuneration, normally in a tax-efficient manner

  • They may help to reduce absences from work through ill health

We can help you set up and manage your employee protection package.

Group Life Insurance

A group life insurance scheme enables employers to provide a tax free lump sum benefit and/or a dependant’s pension to an employee’s family and children, if they should die in service. Provision of a group life insurance scheme goes a long way towards demonstrating an employer’s genuine care for staff welfare as well as encouraging loyalty and reassuring staff that they are valued.

Group Income Protection

A group income protection scheme can help both employers and employees in the event of a member of staff’s long term sickness. An employee’s long term absence will often not only impair a business’s productivity but it could also translate into a “bottom line” reduction in profits or, worse, an increased loss.

Group Private Medical Insurance

Group private medical insurance schemes have become an attractive benefit to offer members of staff. They enable employees (and, in some cases, their families) to receive top quality treatment quickly and, in many cases, speed a return to work.

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