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Business Protection

For many businesses, their people are their greatest assets. The loss of a key person can seriously damage profitability and sustainability.

Business protection plans exist to provide a safety net for the business in times of need. They include:

  • Key person protection to cover the temporary or permanent loss of a critical member of the team, allowing you time and resources to find and train a replacement.
  • Shareholder or Partner protection to protect against the death or serious illness of one of the owners of the business, allowing you to retain control and manage succession.
  • Loan protection to cover outstanding loans either from third parties or from a business owner/director in the event of the death or serious illness of a key member of the team.
  • Relevant Life Cover, while not strictly for the benefit of the business, is an alternative way for an employer to set up (and pay for) life cover for an employee in a tax efficient manner. Relevant life policies are set up on a single life basis, and may be suitable for small companies that may not normally be able to access this type of death in service cover by means of a group scheme or for employees caught by the Lifetime Allowance limit.

Contact us to discuss your business continuity plans and the cover available to protect your business.