Employee Financial Planning

Access to financial advice is an important part of your team members’ overall financial well-being. Each individual has decisions to make about the pensions and protection plans in your workplace benefits package and often they won’t know where to go for help and support.

By delivering financial planning advice to your employees, we can enhance your employment package. We can work with you to provide financial planning advice for your employees, either at your cost or paid for by the individual staff member.

Advice on Your Workplace Pension and Benefits Package

Your workplace pension scheme is a valuable benefit but many people don’t really understand how pensions work. Providing financial planning for pensions will not only help your staff to plan for retirement, but will also help them appreciate the value of the benefits you provide.

Pensions are now highly flexible and provide a range of options when your team members come to take their retirement benefits. We can help them clarify their objectives in terms of retirement income and map out a route to build their pension pot to meet those goals.

The Government has made provision for pension savers to fund advice from their pension pot at various points in the run-up to retirement. The Pensions Advice Allowance allows pension savers to draw up to £1,500 from their pension pot to pay for regulated advice. A maximum of £500 can be drawn to pay for advice at a time, on up to three occasions. The allowance can only be used once in any tax year but, importantly, can be used at any age.

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