EDP Celebrating Success Editorial

Creating the Financial Advisers of Tomorrow

Building a strong business that grows consistently both in terms of turnover and reputation has been the focus of Almary Green’s Managing Director, Carl Lamb, throughout the sixteen years since the firm of independent financial advisers was first created.

In practice, that has meant achieving a balance between ensuring excellence in terms of the advice offered and setting the firm on track to become one of the most prestigious Independent Advice firms in the region.

Mr Lamb believes he has succeeded in reaching that balance. “We set the bar high”, he said. “We were one of the first firms in the region to achieve Chartered Firm status, which is considered the Gold Standard for the profession, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We are constantly testing and questioning our processes to ensure that we remain at the pinnacle of the advice sector”.

The firm was recognised as the best Chartered firm in the UK in 2014 when it was named the Personal Finance Society’s Chartered Financial Planners of the Year.

In 2013, Almary Green introduced its Graduate Trainee Adviser Scheme, recruiting two graduates straight from university to undertake a three year programme of study, experience and development. Since then, six further graduates have joined the scheme. It’s a fast track and demanding programme that requires commitment and dedication from the successful graduates. Trainees study for the relevant examinations while supporting the existing adviser team, and get a chance to see how the industry works close at hand before being launched into an advisory role.

By the end of 2016, the first trainees completed their training, achieving the Personal Finance Society’s Diploma in Financial Planning. This allowed them to begin their adviser career. Two further trainees will complete the programme in late 2017. All trainees who move into an adviser role will continue to study to achieve individual Chartered status, the highest qualification for financial planners.

Mr Lamb is proud to be helping to ensure that the advice sector is sustainable in the future. “I believe that those in charge of today’s advice sector should take responsibility for developing the advisers of the future”, he said. “It’s a real joy to see these young people develop and grow into rounded, capable and knowledgeable professionals.”

Jun 28, 2017