Team Day Out with Crystal Challenge

Almary Green staff members were treated to a team building day with a difference with an exciting take on TV’s “The Crystal Maze”, seeing teams pit their wits against each other for a chance to enter the dome and win golden tickets.

The classic Eighties show featured Richard O’Brien as the host: we were lucky to have the services of Richard O’Blimey who orchestrated the day with panache and aplomb.

The Team Day Out was the culmination of a process that had seen an in-depth analysis of individual staff members’ key strengths using the Gallup StrengthsFinder methodology, delivered through Certified Strengths Coach, Oliver Hill. Each staff member had explored their strengths and how these could be applied in the workplace.

Teams were built to ensure a balance of skills and talents: the purpose of the day was to demonstrate how maximising the strengths within a team can deliver success. However, the main element of the day was having fun with colleagues and enjoying the challenges posed by the games.

As with the TV show, games were divided into four zones: physical, mental, skill and mystery. Team members found themselves moving “toxic waste”, pitching tents blindfold, balancing on a seesaw as well as solving riddles and a range of other activities that tested communication, logic, problem solving and other key attributes. Those who successfully completed the challenges were awarded crystals to be exchanged for time in the giant inflatable crystal dome.

HR Manager Louisa Foreman was pleased with the outcome of the day: “Every member of staff has thrown themselves into the spirit of the day,” she said. “This has been a perfect way for everyone to demonstrate their own strengths and to understand those of their colleagues. Importantly, we’ve also had a lot of fun: no-one has been put into a situation where they are uncomfortable but everyone has had a chance to both challenge themselves and learn something about themselves.”

The Crystal Challenge activities were delivered by corporate events specialists, Right Angle Events.

May 9, 2017