Money Coaching

What is Money Coaching?

Money coaching aims to identify your behaviours and patterns around money and gives you the opportunity to challenge and change them if they are barriers to your financial well-being.

This a brand new service available to our clients and sits alongside more traditional advice and planning approaches. It is delivered by team members who are Certified Money Coaches, accredited by the Money Coaching Institute.

The concept of money is something which often creates strong reactions within us: fears of not having enough, or of its ability to ‘corrupt us’ may persist, or perhaps we feel we are not deserving of our wealth, or feel embarrassed or shackled by it. Perhaps we don’t like to think about money too much as to do so causes anxiety or feel it’s not socially acceptable to discuss it. Or maybe we come from a ‘make do and mend’ background and this is still persisting in our lives today.

Everyone is different, but what most of us have in common is that money is not an area over which we’ve had a thorough grounding through our upbringing or education. Money coaching enables us to separate emotional responses from logical ones and to make decisions that are unfettered by the emotional baggage we carry around with us.

Opportunities for Money Coaching

While Money Coaching can benefit a wide range of clients and scenarios, there are instances when Money Coaching can be of particular help:

  • Inheritance: many people report feelings of bewilderment or confusion when it comes to inheritances. You may be experiencing a sense of responsibility over the money you have received (a feeling of ‘strings attached’), or sentimental attraction which is impacting on your ability to make the best decisions. This can result in a reluctance to allow yourself to spend it.
  • Retirement: this is often one of the most difficult money transitions, moving from a place of saving and accumulating to one where you are spending your capital. Through money coaching, we can explore your feelings around retirement and look at ways to make the transition easier and see retirement in an entirely new light.
  • Life transitions such as bereavement, divorce or a change of career: it can be difficult to adjust to new situations such as finding yourself in charge of money where you never were before. Money coaching can empower you and help you take control.
  • Life planning: when taking a good long look at what you want from life, it is sometimes helpful to explore your behaviours around money so that you can remove emotional barriers that hold you back from achieving aspirations and goals with confidence.

The Coaching Process

Through a combination of exercises and in-session coaching, we will explore the origins of your money behaviours, looking back over your childhood experiences and your parents’ attitudes to money, as well as creating a ‘Money Biography’ from early childhood to current date.

Having identified your key characteristics around money, we will explore which of these are beneficial for you, and which may not be relevant or helpful to your current circumstances. We will then explore ways of shifting any unhelpful characteristics, using a practical action based ‘small but significant steps to change’ approach.

We will produce a plan for you to work with moving forward. We will also examine alternative ways to viewing your ‘net worth’ and spend time considering your life goals and dreams.

Is it for you?

If you would like to explore the possibility of using Money Coaching to help you resolve any money issues that are impacting on your financial well-being, call us or email us at

One of our Money Coaches will spend up to 20 minutes discussing the principles with you without charge so that you can decide if it is something you would like to take further. We’ll explain how it all works and what charges we will make for the service.

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