Money Coaching from the client's point of view

We had a problem. We were spending far more than we were earning. No matter what we tried we couldn't fix it. I read books on budgeting, I tried different processes. We did everything in our power to fix our financial situation but nothing worked. 

I was frustrated, and I knew that our financial situation had complexity beyond my ability to tame.

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So I did some researching and found Hayley Tink who offered a combination of money coaching and financial planning.

During our initial conversation I could tell immediately that she was the person we wanted to work with.

Over the course of six sessions, my wife and I uncovered our behaviors and mindsets towards money. We understood WHY we were doing what we were doing, and HOW we were going to fix it.

After implementing small interventions, the changes began to add up. One thing built on top of the other and by the end of the system we had a completely redesigned financial system that worked.

It finally worked!

Last month we set a budget and stuck to it. For the first time, we were in control—spending less than we earned.

Hayley was the key!

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