Nursing versus personal care

The nursing element of any care home package will attract funding from the NHS regardless of the individual’s assets, as a Registered Nursing Care Contribution. However the remaining element, personal or social care, must be funded either by the individual or by the Local Authority. 

The Registered Nursing Care Contribution is only available to individuals who need care from a registered nurse in a Care Home. Importantly, this benefit (£155.05 per week at the standard rate in 2017/18) is not available when care is provided at home (see below), but nursing care in the home is funded through the district nursing service.

In certain cases "NHS Continuing Care" is available. This is different to the Registered Nursing Care Contribution as people in residential homes who are entitled to NHS Continuing Care will have all their fees (including the element which relates to board and accommodation) paid by the NHS without means testing. However, only individuals with complex medical conditions and/or those needing highly specialised nursing care are likely to qualify for NHS Continuing Care.

We would urge you to consult your GP before making decisions about where you would like to receive care and beginning the process of looking for a care home place.

Any personal care element of the care package you adopt will need to either be privately funded, or will require you to be subjected to both needs and means testing by the Local Authority.

Care in a Care Home

Not every Care Home is able to provide nursing care. If nursing care is likely to be needed, it will be important to select a home where this can be provided when needed. Residential and nursing care homes will provide a huge range of care services, ranging from basics such as providing food and personal hygiene care to quality of life services such as group activities or superior rooms.

Domiciliary Care

Needing care will not necessarily entail a move into a care home. There is a wide range of care services available to you if you prefer to remain in your own home. These can involve assistive devices such as stairlifts or walking frames, as well as help with everyday living tasks such as bathing and shopping. As mentioned above, the Registered Nursing Care Contribution is not available for care in the home but any nursing care needed will be provided by the district nurse and will therefore be provided free of charge by the NHS.

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