Income and gains from most types of investment carry a tax liability. These include:

  • Bank and building society accounts
  • UK Dividends
  • Foreign savings and investment income
  • Buying and selling shares

However, the Government grants allowances against some types of investment. These include the Personal Savings Allowance that can be set against the interest earned on cash investments and the Dividend Allowance that can be set against dividend income. In both cases, the amount of allowance – if any – will depend on the individual’s marginal rate of tax. Every individual also has a Capital Gains Tax Allowance that can be used to mitigate tax on the sale of investment assets such as shares.

In addition, there are a range of investments such as ISAs that are tax-efficient – see our Tax-Efficient Investments page.

Your Almary Green adviser can help you plan your investment portfolio to optimise any allowances available. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help mitigate the potential tax liability on your investments.

The tax treatment of investments depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change.

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